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Solving Inequalities (All Forms)

Video/Activity Description

Thinkless Teaching Presents “No Way Out!” This breakout room activity will challenge your students’ knowledge of how to solve inequalities.  During this animated video/cooperative learning activity your students will have to solve mathematical clues to help Kevin and Todd breakout of the Haunted House they were told never to enter! 

This promises to be a fun-filled activity that will challenge your students’ knowledge of inequalities.

Common Core Standard:  









video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

To start this activity we suggest you place your students in groups of 3 to 4 (depending on ability level).  After you have formed your groups hand out the "Decipher the Clue" page.   They will bring this page to you after every clue to prove they have figured out the clue! 


Next, you will play the video until each stop point.  At each point you will hand out the particular clue Kevin and Todd need help solving.  There are 3 total clues each group must solve in order to help Kevin and Todd escape the Haunted House!  (Listed below are what topic each clue contains).

-“Clue #1” your students will solve multi-step inequalities to decipher the first clue.


-“Clue #2” your students will solve compound inequalities to decipher the second clue.


-“Clue #3” your students will solve absolute value inequalities to decipher the third clue.