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Exponential Functions

Video/Activity Description

"The Jurassic Issue!" - The headquarters at Jurassic Park has recently been under attack and has lost some very important data.  The workers at Jurassic Park were able to recover parts of the data but are still missing some very important information about the population of certain dinosaurs.  Your students will use their knowledge to write and evaluate exponential functions.  They will then use their exponential functions to recover the missing data. 


Finally, Jurassic Park has seen a decrease in the amount of visitors lately.  Owners think this issue is because they allow the dinosaurs to roam freely.  It is up to your students to design a new look to Jurassic Park.  They will use the data they gathered and their understanding of spatial reasoning to separate the dinosaurs into individual areas to allow visitors to have a better chance to view the dinosaurs.  Jurassic Park is greatly counting on you!

Common Core Standard:  





video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - Jurassic Park has recently seen a decline in the number of visitors to their park.  Owners think this is because they allow the dinosaurs to roam freely across the land and the visitors are unable to see all the dinosaurs they have to offer.  They have come up with a new idea to separate the dinosaurs into individual fenced-in areas.  The owners are counting on your students to use the data they recovered to create a new looking park!

Your students will have to work together to use conversion rates and spatial reasoning and develop a new look to Jurassic Park.   We suggest placing your students in groups of two.  Have each student design a rough draft of the new looking park on the graph paper provided in their packet.  Finally, give each group a sheet of graph paper to put their final design on.  Have your students color-code and label each section in their park.   We hope you enjoy "The Jurassic Issue!"