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Linear Equation Word Problems

Video/Activity Description

The Story of Math - Mr. Anderson teaches at Princeton High School where he is trying to teach his students how to solve linear equations.  His students are struggling to grasp the concept and his students are questioning where they will ever use this in real life!  Mr. Anderson quickly comes up with a storyline that fits the equation the class was trying to solve. 


He will challenge your students to write their own story based on a given equation.  As a class, you will have a discussion about how to write an appropriate word problem. 

Finally, enjoy the cooperative learning activity (described in the implementation).  Your students are sure to enjoy this activity and learn to solve and write their own linear equation word problems!

Common Core Standard:  






video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - During the activity, we suggest you have your students work in groups of three to four.  You will need to create a paper poster (shown below).  You will assign each group an equation in which they will produce a story that represents the equation assigned to them.  

Next, you will collect and distribute these stories to other groups.  Have each group determine the correct equation that represents the story and have them solve the word problem.  Finally, you will have the group members paste the word problem under the appropriate column on the poster and have them talk about why they chose that equation and what solution they came up with.  This activity is sure to open your students' eyes to how math exists in all aspects of life!