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Graphing Linear Lines (All Forms)

Video/Activity Description

Back in the 1600’s there was a legendary pirate that went by the name of Blackbeard.  Blackbeard roamed the open seas always in search of hidden treasures.  He looked near and far for these treasures but came up empty handed time after time.   He took detailed notes of his searches and has left you clues to find the loot.  Follow along with the video to locate these treasures by graphing the different paths that Blackbeard took during his adventures.  Then use the clues to locate the hidden treasures once and for all!

Common Core Standard:  






video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - During this activity we suggest you have your students work in groups of two.  In the video, your students will be given various information by Blackbeard of the pathways that he has taken in search of the treasures.  Your students will work together to take this information and develop equations in slope-intercept form.  Once the two partners agree upon their solution, have them graph it on the treasure map.  We suggest having a group present their map after each line.  This leads to wonderful discussions about how they developed and graphed their line.  Also, it allows all groups to be for sure about their treasure maps!  We wouldn't want any group to miss out on the treasure. 

Another Suggestion - if available, we suggest you place your students into groups of two with their own laptop and complete the activity as a student-paced lesson.  This allows for more movement by the teacher around the room and is great for classrooms that have various levels of ability.