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Expressions & Order of Operations

Video/Activity Description

Shopping with Samantha - Samantha recently got paid and she's ready to go shopping!  She wants to purchase a variety of products while at the mall but is struggling to figure out how much money she will need in order to purchase the items.  Your students will help her write expressions and then apply their understanding of the order of operations to find the total she needs in order to purchase the products.  Next, she will venture to the grocery store where she will once again need your students help.  Finally, she is disappointed in how much money she spent and really wants to become better at math so she can manage her money.  She takes on a challenging task that your students will help her with.  During this cooperative learning activity your students will work in groups of 3-4.  They will be given specific operations and a solution.  Your students will have to work together and use their understanding of the order of operations to develop problems that contain the given operations and answer.  This is sure to be a challenging and engaging task for your students!

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