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STEM Challenge & Innovation

Video/Activity Description

Unsolved Mysteries - For centuries archaeologist have been baffled by the pyramids of Egypt.  The mystery still remains a question today of just how these pyramids were constructed without the technological advances that we have today.  During this animated video/cooperative learning activity your students will research the theories of just how these pyramids were developed.  Then they will be challenged to construct their own pyramid without the use of their hands.  In groups of 4 they will be given just a strand of string and a rubber band.  They will have to work together to develop a method that will allow them to stack 10 solo cups on top of each other in a pyramid formation.  Through this activity your students will get a perspective of the struggles the Egyptians would have had to endure and the teamwork that would have had to take place in order to build these pyramids.  Finally, they will work together to develop a poster over the theories of just how these pyramids might have been built.


video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class