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Scatter Plots and Linear Models

Video/Activity Description

During the Scatter Plots and Linear Models Activity  students will create scatter plots of information gathered from Jeremiah's Hot Dog Eating Competition!  They will use this data to predict future information of hot dog consumption.  Finally, the students will have a chance to have their own Pretzel Eating Competition.  A truly fun activity, especially for those that love pretzels!

Common Core Standard:  







video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - During this activity, you will need to have the following materials:


1) Bag of Pretzels 

2) Plates

3) Stop Watch

3) Large Sheets of Graph Paper (also can use the graphs provided in the worksheet)

4) Thinkless Teaching Packet



To set up the Pretzel Eating Competition we suggest you pick 6 total students and split them into 2 teams.  Time each group to see how many pretzels they can eat in 30-second increments for a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds.  After each 30-second increment, stop the competition and have each team find the total pretzels consumed.  Those students not participating in the competition should record the data for both teams. 


Once the competition is finished place your students into groups of 3.  Have them work together to construct two scatter plots on the large sheet of graph paper given to them.  Once you have had a chance to approve their scatter plots have them compute the linear models for each graph.  After each group is done have them present their graphs and linear models to the class.  This leads to a wonderful discussion about similar/different linear models, scatter plots, scales, etc.  

After the classroom discussion, have your students use their graphs to answer the remaining questions in the Thinkless Teaching Packet.  This is such a fun activity that your students are sure to enjoy!