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Solving Linear Equations

Video/Activity Description

Justin just purchased a new home and now he needs to decorate the walls.  He has recently bought picture frames to hang in his living room and bedroom.  Help Justin develop equations to figure out the correct spacing needed in order to hang his picture frames correctly.  Finally, you will get a chance to "hang" your own frames.  During this cut and paste activity you will apply your knowledge from the video and develop the correct equation to hang your frames appropriately.  

Common Core Standard:  






video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - During the activity we suggest you have your students work in groups of two.  Students will be given various picture frames to "hang" on their own wall.  They will first need to cut out each given picture frame.  Next, they will apply their understanding of how to develop an equation.  They will use this to compute the exact distance they will need in order to hang the picture frames at an equal distance.  Once they have found that distance the students will cut and glue their picture frames down and label their measurements.

This is a great hands-on activity that will show your students just how they can apply the use of solving equations to a real-life situation.  We truly hope you enjoy our video and cooperative learning activity!