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Point-Slope Form

Video/Activity Description

During Patrick's Adventure students will work in groups of 2 to create a map of Patrick's travel around his town.  After they have plotted the points to create the path, they will work together to develop the equation that represents the roads of the town.  This is a great activity to review how to calculate a linear equation from two points plus the students enjoy getting up and developing a map of Patrick's town!

Common Core Standard:  




video with Activity 

Suggestions to implement in Class

Cooperative Learning Activity - During this activity we suggest you have your students work in groups of two and give each group a large sheet of graph paper to hang on the wall. They will work together to design a map of the route Patrick will take during his driver's test.  In the video, Patrick will give your students two ordered pairs each time to develop the equation of the path.  Have your students work at their desks together to compute the equation of the route.  Once each group member agrees upon the equation have them plot the route and label it with the slope-intercept form they computed.   

The reason we suggest using large sheets of graph paper and hanging it on the wall is so that after each equation you can have various groups present their equation/map.  This leads to a great conversation between the students about their solutions they computed and how they arrived at each equation.   This promises to be a fun and intriguing project!